How The Final Episode Of Supernatural ‘Carry On’ Is Connected To The Pilot Episode



The pilot episode of Supernatural starts with Mary Winchester who wakes up after hearing the cries of her son Sam. She goes to her room to find out what’s the matter. It turns out to be the yellow-eyed demon Azazel who pins Mary to the ceiling and causes her demise in a cruel fashion. Fast forward to 22 years, Sam is living with his girlfriend Jessica, but when Dean comes calling, he joins him for a hunt. After the boys solve the case, Sam tells Dean that he won’t be joining him and would be preparing for his Stanford interview. But after returning back to his apartment, he sees Jessica pinned to the ceiling and meets her demise in a similar fashion as Mary did. This eventually convinces him to return back to the hunter’s life to find out the guilty part and avenge the loss of his loved ones.

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How The Final Episode Of Supernatural 'Carry On' Is Connected To The Pilot Episode

In the Supernatural finale episode, Dean meets his end at the hands of a vampire. Sam cannot believe what happened, Dean asks him to stay with him and not leave him. Sam is teary and cannot accept the loss. Dean tells him that he’s proud of him and asks him to keep going. Sam begs his brother to not leave him, telling him that he cannot do this alone. But Dean assures him that he’s much stronger and he needs to keep going. Sam keeps going, keeps hunting, solving cases, hunting monsters, and saving lives. We see that Sam has begun a new life, he has a child now who is named Dean. We see Sam who is now very old and on his deathbed. His son Dean comforts him telling it’s okay, and he can go now. In the end, Sam got the family that he lost, having his son by his side until the end.

How The Final Episode Of Supernatural 'Carry On' Is Connected To The Pilot Episode
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