How Well Do You Finnian From Black Butler?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Finnian is a Phantomhive servant who is also often called Finny. He is a young boy with pale skin and has strawberry-blond, short, and messy hair which is clipped back. Finny wears plaid pants with a plain top along with knee-high black boots. Finnian is also known for his signature hat which is very special to him. The hat also conceals the mark which is imprinted on his neck, this was the number given to him during his time as a test subject.

How Well Do You Finnian From Black Butler?

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He is one of the most interesting characters in Black Butler. Like the other servants, he also has the utmost respect and fear for Sebastian and extreme loyalty to Ciel Phantomhive whom he believes to be his savior. Speaking about his personality, he is a naive boy, he would often burst into tears whenever he finds himself performing something disobedient or immoral. But physically he is very strong and would often utilize his strength in various tasks. Finny would also accidentally damage or break something due to his carelessness.

Little could be known about his past, we know that he was experimented on and was locked in a small room with a small window. Through the small window, he could only see a bird who would frequently appeared to him.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Finnian From Black Butler?

How Well Do You Finnian From Black Butler?

Take this quiz and check your knowledge about the cute and adorable Finnian from the Black Butler.

So, we would like to know what do you like the most about the character of Finnian? Don’t forget to share this with your Kuroshitsuji friends.

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