How Well Do You Know Caroline Forbes?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Caroline is one of the kindest and compassionate characters in TVD, but she wasn’t always like that. Her character has transformed from a self-centered to a caring soul. In the town of Mystic Falls, no one is innocent, everyone has a little bit of blood on their hands. Even though Caroline always cared greatly about her friends, but she did not always do the correct thing. Her mistakes were a result of her acting on impulse and making decisions in impossible situations to protect her loved ones. She has her fair share of failures and shortcomings, but we fans have always loved her character despite of all the awful and horrible things she did.

How Well Do You Know Caroline Forbes?

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Caroline was one of the most popular girls of her high school, she was also the captain of the cheerleading, and displayed a great quality of leadership among her friends. She also organized parties. One of her greatest qualities is her loyalty and protective nature for her friends. But despite projecting such confidence, she suffered from insecurities and acted neurotic at times. This resulted in her becoming an overachiever, thus creating complexities and flaws in her character. At a time, she felt like she was in the Elena’s shadow. She considered Elena as a competition. She has always remained loyal towards the humans. When she became a vampire and killed someone, she felt extremely guilty over her actions.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Caroline Forbes!

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