How Well Do You Know David Lynch?

Surrealism is a 20th century avant-garde movement in the literature and art which releases the creative potential of the unconscious mind. Meaning strange images and shapes come together to tell a story either through books paintings or more recently films.

David Lynch

Of course out of all the famous surrealists in cinema none have been more famous than David Lynch. David Lynch is an American filmmaker who has always gone against the Hollywood grain. His films are purely an art form with multiple layers and meanings.

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Like paintings his films can be analyzed and looked at in various ways and because of the strangeness of his films, most critics regard him as being one of the most creative directors in Hollywood. Most of Lynch’s films deal with the surreal style of film making, but four movies stand out as being pure art forms. Surrealism is fascinating from the bizarre images to their multiple meanings film has been a great medium for artists to explore their expressions of dreams reality and nightmarish fantasies. And for David Lynch the most celebrated surrealist filmmaker he has given us some amazing films to look at ponder and be disturbed by.

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