How Well Do You Know Kanima From Teen Wolf?


Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Kanima was introduced in the season 2 of Teen Wolf. It is actually a kind of Shapeshifter, When Jackson Whitemore was bitten by an Alpha, but his emotional issues resulted in his body rejecting the Alpha bite which created a Kanima. Jackson should have become a werewolf after the bite, but it transformed him into a snake. This shape actually reflected his outward behavior and his inner confusion and uncertainty. Kanima species is reptilian in nature. So we can say that it actually a mutation of the species of werewolf. But it still remains a mystery as how they came to be.

How Well Do You Know Kanima From Teen Wolf?
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This creature is called as a weapon of vengeance. The legend goes back to the story of South American Priest who used a Kanima to get rid of the murderers from his village. As they bond between the master and the creature grew, the influence also increased, and this resulted the creature killing whoever its master wishes to die.

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So this creature is actually a werewolf who cannot transform fully into a werewolf because something has gone wrong. So unless one resolves the demons and issues of the past, it cannot transform into a werewolf. These personal issues caused them to undergo a mutation and take the form of a reptile. A werewolf seeks a pack to grow and make it more powerful, but a Kanima seeks a master because it is a subservient creature.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Kanima From Teen Wolf?

How Well Do You Know Kanima From Teen Wolf?

So you think you are a big fan of Teen Wolf and you have the complete knowledge about all the Supernatural creatures? Take this quiz to find out how much do you really know about the Kanima.

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