How Well Do You Know Lydia Martin From Teen Wolf?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. When Lydia Martin’s character was first introduced she could be described as a mean girl who pretended to be dumb even though she was super smart. But after becoming friends with Scott, Stiles, And Allison, she began to express her real self and not the fake persona. She slowly grew into a compassionate and brave person who would help the struggling.

How Well Do You Know Lydia Martin From Teen Wolf?

How Well Do You Remember Season 5 Of Teen Wolf?

On the eve of the formal dance at school, we see Lydia Martin go out looking for Jackson, her boyfriend. She comes across Peter Hale, the Alpha werewolf who then bites her. But surprisingly it doesn’t transform her into a werewolf. the bite has no effect and she recovers from the bite. But then we see her sleepwalking and having waking nightmares, this indicated that the even though the bite didn’t turn her into a werewolf, but it awakes something inside of her which she never knew. The character of Lydia Martin was played by Holland Roden brilliantly.

Peter’s attack activated the Banshee abilities which were lying dormant inside Lydia when she inherited from her paternal grandma. Lydia has struggled to use his powers to the full capacity because of the fear that what if she couldn’t control her true powers and end up harming someone.

How Well Do You Know Lydia Martin From Teen Wolf?

So you think you are a big fan of Teen Wolf and you have the complete knowledge about all the characters? Take this quiz to find out how much do you really know about this strong, beautiful, and smart character.

Also guys, we would like to know what’s your favorite Lydia Martin moment from the series? Do share your views in the comments.

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