How Well Do You Know Rebekah Mikaelson?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Rebekah Mikaelson’s character first made her debut in the third season of The Vampire Diaries. She is the second daughter of the witch Esther and Mikael, and sister of Finn, Freya, Elijah, Henrik, Kol, and Klaus. Born as a witch, but she didn’t tap into her powers. Even though she is the youngest of the Mikaelson siblings, but she is extremely powerful. She is also one of the most powerful beings in the existence of TVD universe.

How Well Do You Know Rebekah Mikaelson?

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Her powers are inferior to her older siblings and her father. Compared to the other Original siblings, she is pretty ill-tempered and stubborn. Even though she is a powerful vampire, she wants to be human again. She desperately wants to settle down, live a normal life, get married, and have kids. The only Original vampire who wanted to take the cure to become a human again.

How Well Do You Know Rebekah Mikaelson?

Before being turned into a vampire, she was a supportive, caring, and sweet girl. She often witnessed her siblings being abused by Mikael and was scared of him. At one point, she was so fed up of his father’s abusive nature towards Klaus that she tried to kill him, but was stopped by Elijah.

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  1. Actually stefan wasnt her first love like never hahaha .. she loved marcel before him .. loved that hunter long ago (she almost married him) ..


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