Who Would You Be Shipped With If You Were A Character On Riverdale?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Riverdale season 1 started with the tragedy of Jason Blosson, who died due to drowning. The show then progresses, we get to see the different characters from the Archie Universe. We see Archie Andrews, the lead character of the show discovering his passion for music. We see Betty Cooper, the sweet girl who lives next door and has feelings for Archie. Then we find Veronica Lodge, a millionaire’s daughter who arrives in the town of Riverdale and attracts Archie Andrews Attention.

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Then a love triangle seems to be developing between the tree. Meanwhile, Jughead, Archie’s former friend one of the lead characters of the show start writing a novel narrating the events of the eventful summer in Riverdale. Amidst all this, different characters have different secrets which they are hiding. Cheryl Blossom, sister of Jason is hiding a secret about her brother’s death. Archie and his music teacher Miss Grundy also have a secret hidden about the gunshot which killed Jason. The biggest mystery of the season 1 of Riverdale is who is behind the death of Jason Blossom. The characters try to unsolve the mystery of their friend’s death.

Season 2 saw Fred Andrew fighting for his life after being a victim of shooting at the Pop’s dinner. We see Veronica helping support Archie who is struggling emotionally after what happened. Riverdale season 3 had a different take, focusing more on relationships and less on the murder mystery.

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