How Well Do You Know Sam Winchester Hairstyles In ‘Supernatural’?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Sam Winchester’s hair has been a subject of fascination for the fandom ever throughout the life of Supernatural. His hair has changed and gone through numerous transformations throughout the life of the show. Come second season of Supernatural and a tragic thing happened, well we are not talking about the passing of John Winchester, but the cute bangs of Sam which disappeared.

How Well Do You Know Sam Winchester Hairstyles In 'Supernatural'?

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The actor Jared explained that it was the show creator Kripke’s decision. He wanted Sam Winchester to show as a grown up mature adult man, not a boy with charming bangs. But then again, during season five of the show, Sam Winchester’s hair grew bigger and longer, the fans loved this shag.

Another interesting fact about the younger Winchester’s hair is that Jared just doesn’t let anyone give him a haircut, only Jeannie Chow has the privilege of giving Jared a haircut. She has been the key hairstylist ever since the show started. Jared also revealed in a fan convention that if he had control over Sam’s hairstyle, it would probably be longer.

How Well Do You Know Sam Winchester Hairstyles In 'Supernatural'?

We all fans would have different answers when it comes to our favorite Sam hairstyle. But according to Jared, his favorite hairstyle is the one from season 1 where his adorable bangs covered his forehead.

Jared once jokingly said that if someday his hair takes a life of its own then his hair and impala would be doing re-negotiating for the next season of Supernatural.

So Let’s Take A Look At How Well Do You Know Sam Winchester’s Hairstyles In ‘Supernatural’?

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