How Well Do You Know Scott McCall From Teen Wolf?


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Scott McCall is the lead character of the Teen Wolf. He was an unpopular and average teenager who suffered from asthma before he got bitten by Peter Hale. This transformed him into a Beta werewolf and gave him supernatural speed, strength, senses, and ability to heal rapidly. He could also shape-shift himself into a wolf. Even though the Lycanthropy gives one superhuman abilities and skills, but it also makes one aggressive and violent. Scott McCall along with the help of his best friends tried to embrace his humanity along with his werewolf side.

How Well Do You Know Scott McCall From Teen Wolf?

How Well Do You Remember Season 1 Of Teen Wolf?

He embraced his supernatural side and has always tried using his superhuman abilities to protect his family and friends from the supernatural threats in the two of Beacon Hills. He lives with his mother Melissa McCall who works as a part time assistant to a veterinarian at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. His father Rafael was an alcoholic who once accidentally pushed Scott, knocking him unconscious. This made him feel so ashamed that he left his family.


Scott has always been a guy with strong ideals and morals. He has a kind, protective, and caring nature. At the beginning of the series, he is socially awkward and naive, but as the series progresses, he is grown into a skillful leader.

So Take This Quiz and Find Out How Well Do You Know Scott McCall From Teen Wolf?

How Well Do You Know Scott McCall From Teen Wolf?

How much do you know about this great alpha? So you think you are a big fan of Scott McCall and remember every tiny detail about this character? Take this quiz and check your knowledge about this Alpha from Teen Wolf.

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