How Well Do You Know Sebastian Michaelis?

Welcome to Humor Nation. He is one hell of a butler! A tall handsome, well-dressed butler who is capable of doing anything! He is Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian serves Ciel Phantomhive, after Ciel’s twin brother was sacrificed by an occult, Ciel summoned him to help. He formed a contract with the demon Sebastian. The seal of their contract can be seen on Ciel’s right eye and on Sebastian’s hand. The demon Sebastian took the form of a butler to best serve the Earl.

How Well Do You Know Sebastian Michaelis?

Ciel gave the demon the name ‘Sebastian’ which used to the name of his dog. Sebastian reconstructed the Phantomhive manor. Ciel wanted to exact revenge on all the people who wronged him, he commanded his butler Sebastian to be his shield sword. Speaking about his personality, he is a very dedicated butler who has a strong sense of loyalty and duty to his master Ciel and the Phantomhive household. He carries every order of Ciel faithfully without questioning. Sebastian doesn’t sleep, he even works and performs tasks at night.

Even though he is a demon who is actually sadistic and heartless, but he appears as a courteous servant. He often expresses his diabolic nature using sarcasm and dark humor. Despite all the troubles and chores, he enjoys being a butler. Being a demon, he views money as materialistic, he craves the pure soul of Ciel. He can speak several languages.

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