How Well Do You Know Snake From Black Butler?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. One of the most interesting and eccentric characters in the Black Butler universe is Snake! Formerly a member of the Noah’s Ark Circus and later on became a member of the Phantomhive household. Snake has a unique ability to communicate with the snakes, he can understand and speak their language. He also has plenty of snakes.

How Well Do You Know Snake From Black Butler?

Take The Quiz And Find Out Who Is Your Black Butler BFF?

He is a quite reserved, quiet, and timid kind of guy. He doesn’t speak much, but whenever he does it is to convey some useful information from one of his snakes. While he is shy, his snakes have a playful side. He is also very conscious about his appearance, the scales on his skin. He also fears being ridiculed for looking different from the people around him.

He also cared deeply about his friends at the Noah Ark’s Circus. They treated him like a family and accepted him despite his unusual appearance. He considered the first string members as his brothers and sisters. Even though he wasn’t aware of their secret missions and didn’t realize what the members were doing behind his back.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Snake From Black Butler?

So how much did you score on this Black Butler quiz? Also, let us know who is your favorite Black Butler character and why is that? Don’t forget to share this anime quiz with your friends.

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