How Well Do You Know Steve Harrington From Stranger Things?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Steve Harrington is one of the most interesting characters in Stranger Things. He is a student at Hawkins High School. In season 1, when we first saw him, he was the boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler. But soon after the disappearance of Barb, Nancy becomes distant from Steve and she starts loving Jonathan Byers. After a fallout with Nancy, he becomes involved with the main party of kids, forming an unlikely friendship with Dustin. He becomes a caretaker, an authority figure for the kids and helps them in their battle against Mind Flayer.

How Well Do You Know Steve Harrington From Stranger Things?

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In season 3, we see him take a job at the ice-cream parlous at the Starcourt Mall, he is working there with his former classmate Robin Buckley. Along with Robin’s help, he helps Dustin in translating a Russian transmission. He also discovers that the Russians are trying to open a gateway to the Upside Down in Hawkins. Steve forms a close friendship with Robin and she trusts him so much she opens up about her sexuality to Steve. He once again helps the kids in battling the returned Mind Flayer. After the entire ordeal, he takes up a job at Family Video with Robin.

At the beginning of the show, he was a popular teen for his terrible personality. But after having a change of heart, he displays his good side such as showing how much he cares about Nancy, by helping her small brother and other kids in battling the monster.

So How Well Do You Know Steve Harrington From Stranger Things? TAKE THIS QUIZ AND FIND OUT!!

So how many did you manage to score on this Steve Harrington quiz? Also, we would like to know what do you like the most about Steve’s character. Don’t forget to share it with the Stranger Things fans.
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