How Well Do You Know Stranger Things Season 3?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Season 3 of the famous Netflix show Stranger Things premiered on July 4. The season starts in the summer of 1985 in the mysterious town of Hawkins. There’s a new starcourt Mall which has become a central attraction of the show and it is driving many people out of business. Eleven and Mike are spending more time together and their growing relationship is conflicting with Jim Hopper.

How Well Do You Know Stranger Things Season 3?

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Joyce, who has been through a lot in the previous two seasons considers moving out of Hawkins to start a new life, but due to Will’s friendship with other boys in the child, and her blooming romance with Hopper makes her stay. But soon some stranger power fluctuations in the town triggers the awareness of Will. Max and Eleven can also sense that something is off. Even though they have closed the portal to the scary Upside Down, but a danger is still looming over their heads.

The finale of the show saw Billy sacrificing his life to save Elevn from the Mind Flayer. We also saw Hopper disappear in an explosion, everyone assuming that he is dead. The season was a hit with the fans. Within 4 days of the release, the show was watched by over 40 million Netflix accounts. This is a record for any Netflix program. The show received rave reviews from many media outlets and the fans. The show has already been renewed for a fourth season.

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