How Well Do You Know Sweet Pea From Riverdale?

Welcome to Humor Nation. CW Riverdale is one of the best TV shows right now on Netflix. It’s an updated, modern take on the famous Archie comics. The show has been pretty successful in delivering and true to the source material. The show takes the Archie comic characters and places them right in the middle of a murder mystery, a web of secrets and deceptions. Riverdale has mystery, fun, sass, and everything that makes it a must-watch show. The show has many amazing characters like Archie, Jughead, Sweet Pea.

How Well Do You Know Sweet Pea From Riverdale?

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Riverdale is based on the Archie comics, while the show has remained true to the source material to an extent. The show does indeed take some liberties when it comes to the characters and the storylines, there are some notable differences in the looks and personalities of the characters.

How Well Do You Know Sweet Pea From Riverdale?

Southside Serpents is a group of criminals who live on the southside of the Riverdale town. The members of the gang wear identifiable leather jackets. Sweet Pea is a loyal member of the SouthSide Serpents. He is protective of his people. He also holds a hatred for the Northside residents more than the other Serpent members which has resulted in numerous violent incidents with Red Circle and Riverdale Bulldogs.

All the Serpents have their signature leather jackets. But how do they afford it? They are all poor and have money problems. But they all have jackets and when someone new joins the gang they are also given the jacket. How does that happen if they’re poor?

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Sweet Pea From Riverdale?

How Well Do You Know Sweet Pea From Riverdale?

He is loyal and extremely protective. Always there for his people. How much do you really know about this SouthSide Serpent?

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