How Well Do You Know The Couples Of Riverdale?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Riverdale is full of relationships. There are so many couples on the show. Some of them are beautiful and some of them are simply strange. Perhaps the best relationship on the show is that of Bughead, the romantic pairing of Jughead and Betty. Over the course of episodes, their relationship strengthens and they come more closer. The love between them started while investigating the murder mystery of Jason Blossom. Both Jughead and Betty has a passion to uncover the truth, solve the mystery, and this brought them closer. This relationship is a surprise for the fans of the Archie comics because in the comics, the one true love of Jughead is hamburgers.

How Well Do You Know The Couples Of Riverdale?

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Next on the list is the relationship between Veronica and Archie. Varchie not only does have an intense physical connection, but they also have emotional chemistry. Their relationship had to overcome so many barriers such as Veronica’s dad Hiram trying his best to break up the couple. He even had Archie framed for a crime which he didn’t commit.

One of the most surprising couples on the show is Choni. No one expected a relationship between Cheryl and Toni. They started off on the wrong foot, but over the time things got right between the two. Also, we would like to know which is your favorite couple on the Riverdale? Let us know.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know The Couples Of Riverdale?

How Well Do You Know The Couples Of Riverdale?

This quiz is all about couples and events that took place with them!!! So we hope you payed attention to the episodes of Riverdale. 

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