How Well Do You Know The Mikaelson Brothers?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Mikaelson brothers are some of the most powerful vampires in existence, they are the originals. They first made their appearance in the Vampire Diaries and then went on to have their own show titled ‘The Originals’. Among the Mikaelson brothers, Klaus Mikaelson is the most powerful Original vampire as he is also a hybrid. The first Original hybrid in existence. Elijah is the one who could take on Klaus. The two have shared a love-hate relationship, but whenever the time came, Elijah stood by Klaus’ side. He is the first original who appeared on TVD. When he was staked by Damon, we came to find out that he cannot be killed like a normal vampire. He is practically unkillable.

How Well Do You Know The Mikaelson Brothers?

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We once saw Elijah taking on 100 vampires at the same time. One of the best trait of Elijah is his nobleness, he is kind and merciful,his forgiveness also resulted in his downfall at times. Kol Mikaelson is the wildest member of the family. He is the black sheep because he is extremely impulsive. He doesn’t even fear Klaus, we even saw him getting in the face of Klaus and he provoked Klaus.

How Well Do You Know The Mikaelson Brothers?

We didn’t get to see much of Finn, even though he might be the weakest original vampire because he was daggered for so long. But he is definitely courageous because he doesn’t fear death. He was willing to die for his loved ones and this is what he did when he tried saving his brother from Lucien.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know The Mikaelson Brothers?

How Well Do You Know The Mikaelson Brothers?

They are the originals, the most powerful vampires in existence. Lived through centuries, fought alongside and also against each other. Take this quiz to find out how well do you know about the Mikaelson siblings?

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  1. Who tf made this quiz. He protected Caroline and fell in love with her. Cami was a diluted version who was bland and annoying asf.🤷‍♀️ Just saying


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