How Well Do You Know The Originals?

Welcome to Humor Nation. The show centers around the original vampire Klaus who returns to the city of New Orleans. A city that he has helped many centuries ago in order to find his protege. The Originals have always valued the family. For many millennials, Elijah and Klaus have always fought to protect their family. In the process, their actions have spawned a ton of enemies for them. In season 4, they adopt a strategy which would turn their family against them which would fulfill a prophecy. But what’s the endgame?

How Well Do You Know The Originals?

Season five of the show begins years long after the Mikaelson family has absorbed the Hollow’s dark energy and then they have fled New Orleans in order to keep Hope and their city of New Orleans safe. Meanwhile, Freya and Hayley have sent Hope to the Salvatore school while Josh and Vincent preside over the Big Easy. Now it would seem like that the danger has been contained, but a tragedy forces the Mikaelson to return home. Season 5 makes the closing chapter of the Mikaelson family sage. It is a very emotional season.

QUIZ: Find Out Which Villain From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Are You?

So Take The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know The Originals?

If you managed to score over 15 then you surely are the biggest fan of The Originals. Keep up the passion for being a super fan. And if you failed to score higher marks then you need to increase your knowledge of the show and become a super fan. Don’t forget to share this Originals quiz with your TVD friends.
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