How Well Do You Know The Villains From The Originals?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. While on the Vampire Diaries, the Mikaelsons were first introduced as the bad guys, but as the show went on they became more like the anti-heroes. Due to their popularity, the show creators decided to launch a spin-off which will solely focus on the Mikaelsons, exploring their history and character development. While the Originals were some of the most powerful creatures on the planet, finding villains who could match them in power isn’t an easy task.

How Well Do You Know The Villains From The Originals?

Only A Mikaelson Can Name All These Characters From The Originals!

While at times Mikaelsons proved to be their worst enemies when they fought each other intensely, but at times they were reunited to fight a far dangerous threat. Speaking of bigger threats, one of the most dangerous threats to the Mikaelson family was Dahlia, their aunt. Dahlia saw Esther’s marriage with Mikael as an act of betrayal against their sisterhood. She hated Mikael and she cursed the children of her sister. Esther had to give up Freya to Dahlia in order to keep her other kids safe. But Dahlia returned again when Hope was born. She returned to claim Hope as she was the first born in the family.

Perhaps, the most dangerous villain on the Originals was ‘The Hollow’. Originally named Inadu, after her death, she became a powerful spirit who craved power. It took the sacrifice of Klaus Mikaelson to finally get rid of the Hollow and to keep Hope safe once and for all from being consumed by her. Klaus sees Marcel as his son, but at times his jealousy forces Marcel to become an enemy. When Marcel became an upgraded Original Vampire, he was so powerful that he defeated the Mikaelsons and ruled over New Orleans.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know The Villains From The Originals?

How Well Do You Know The Villains From The Originals?

They made us angry and furious. At times they hurt our favorite characters, even killed a few. We hate them, but still love some. They are the bad guys. Take this quiz to check your knowledge about the villains of The Originals.   

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