How Well Do You Remember Legacies Season One?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Legacies follow the story of the 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson and other young teenagers who are supernatural beings, trying to be at their best selves and controlling their worst impulses. These young vampires, werewolves, and witches trying to become the heroes they want to be and overcoming the villainous nature that they are meant to be.

How Well Do You Remember Legacies Season One?

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Hope is the main character in Legacies, she is the daughter of Hayley and Klaus Mikaelson. Hope is the world’s first werewolf-vampire-witch hybrid. She inherited the werwolf gen from both of her parents; Hayley and Klaus and the witch and vampire gene came from Klaus who is the first Original werewolf-vampire hybrid. Right from the beginning, Hope has been a fighter. She is also a very happy and calm person. As she grows up she becomes brave and stubborn. But she finds it hard to form meaningful connections with other people.

Legacies feature the Salvatore School for the Gifted and Young. It provides a platform for people with supernatural abilities to control their impulses and abilities. The season one of the show has been received greatly by the critics and fans of the TVD and Originals. The show is currently airing its second season.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Remember Legacies Season One?

So how many did you manage to get right on the quiz? What are your thoughts about the second season of Legacies? Don’t forget to share your opinions on the show by commenting below.
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