How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Season 4?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Season 3 finale saw Chloe Decker realizing the true identity of the LUX owner Lucifer Morningstar who is actually the devil. Since the events of season 3, Chloe Decker has vanished and Lucifer is depressed wondering how the detective is processing the revelation. But Chloe soon returns and gets back at solving crimes. The episode ends with a surprising turn revealing that Chloe is secretly meeting a priest who is helping her against the devil.

How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Season 4?

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In a flashback, we soon learn that during Chloe’s sabbatical, she came across a priest who also knows the true identity of the devil. He convinces Chloe that Lucifer is indeed evil and his presence on earth will only cause chaos and destruction. It is very important that Lucifer is sent back to hell where he truly belongs. Chloe believing everything the priest says agrees in his quest to send back Lucifer.

But Chloe’s love for Lucifer and his honesty makes her dissolve the agreement with the priest. Seeing his plan fail, the priest shows up at Lucifer’s door and manipulates him by revealing what he doesn’t know about Chloe, he tells her about Chloe’s plans to send him back to hell. Eventually, Chloe came to terms with who Lucifer is, not being anymore terrified of his devil face. Lucifer also reveals to her that she was his first love all along. The finale saw Lucifer returning back to hell.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Season 4? 

So how much did you manage to get right? What are your thoughts about Season 4 finale? And how do you think Season 5 is going to play out? Let us know your expectations about the upcoming Lucifer season in the comments section.
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