How Well Do You Remember Season 1 Of The Originals?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. It’s very rare to come across a TV series that has so many amazing stories to tell and interesting characters that it can develop that it actually calls for a spin-off. The Vampire Diaries is one such successful show which spawned a spin-off titled ‘The Originals’. By the time TVD reached the 4th season, the Original vampire family on the show had become bigger than the show itself. Due to the popularity of the Original family, the Originals show came into existence. The show focused on the original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and his family, also it includes many Supernatural beings in the city of New Orleans.

How Well Do You Remember Season 1 Of The Originals?

How Well Do You Know Freya Mikaelson?

The Vampire Diaries came at a time when the Vampire crazy was beginning to sweep up the world. At first it looked like a rip-off of Twilight, but clearly it became evident that’s something far better than the Twilight saga. It had much better story-lines, interesting twists, and amazingly well-developed characters.

TVD became so popular that it spawned a spin-off series known as ‘The Originals’. The show focused on the ancient vampires in history. While both the shows are set in the same universe, the comparisons are bound to happen. It’s arguable which show is better, everyone has their own parameters to make the comparisons.

Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Remember Season 1 Of The Originals

Season 1 of the show focuses around Klaus Mikaelson and the family of Originals who return to get control of the city of New Orleans which they once helped build. The series premiered on 3 October 2013 and received acclaim from the critics and the fans.

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