How Well Do You Remember The TVD Love Stories?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries featured plenty of love stories. These love affairs played a crucial role in the story-telling of the show. Basically the show started with the love story of Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. Elena is an average teenager girl who is trying to recover from a tragedy. Stefan Salvatore is a vampire who becomes fascinated with Elena because she resembles to his ex-lover. They both are drawn closer together. Then enters Stefan’s older brother Damon Salvatore who returned to create chaos in the life of Stefan Salvatore. Now Damon finds himself attracted to Elena and soon a love triangle is created between these characters. Both the brothers put their lives on line to protect Elena from all kinds of Supernatural dangers.

How Well Do You Remember The TVD Love Stories?

How Well Do You Know Kai Parker From The Vampire Diaries?

Apart from the Salvatores and Elena, the show also featured many other romantic pairings. One of the best couples on the show is Klaus and Caroline, their ship is popularly known as Klaroline. Klaus was introduced as the big bad character while Caroline was a good at heart character. There was no chance that a romance between these two could have worked, but to everyone’s surprise it worked really well. Even though Klaus did some really bad things, but when he was around Klaus, he displayed a softer side. Sadly these two didn’t end up together that many fans regret.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Remember The TVD Love Stories? 

How Well Do You Remember The TVD Love Stories?

TVD featured numerous interesting love stories, many amazing couples, and countless ships for the fans. Take this quiz to put your TVD romantic knowledge to test.

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