How Well Do You Know Dean Winchester? Supernatural Quiz!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Dean Winchester, the older Winchester brother who hunts spirits, demons, witches, and the supernatural monsters with the help of his brother Sammy, and angel friend Castiel.

Dead was born to John and Mary Winchester. When he was four years, his mother was killed by a demon. This caused his father John to become a hunter in order to hunt the demon Azazel who took away the love of his life. John raised both of his kids Dean and Sam in the hunting life. While John was an absentee father, Dean was always there who looked after his younger brother Sammy.

How Well Do You Know Dean Winchester?

The story of Supernatural begins when Dean visits his brother Sam whom he has not seen for a while. He seeks Sam’s help in finding their father who has lately vanished. Dean is a very skilled and brave hunter. He has expertise in using various kinds of firearms, he can brawl, and use knives.

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Dean has also been the bearer of the cursed mark of Cain which never lets its host die. He also became a demon in Season 9. And he has been possessed by the archangel Michael. Dean Winchester loves his 1967 Chevrolet Impala which he calls his baby. He wears dark blue jeans along with dark shirts and a jacket. Dean Winchester is an Aquarian. He loves eating pie and loves classic rock.

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So Let’s Take A Look At How Well Do You Know Dean Winchester?

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