5 Horrifying Human Experiments in North Korea

5 Horrifying Human Experiments in North Korea

Hello Guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. North Korea has conducted many horrifying and bizarre human experiments on its citizens which violated all the human rights of its citizens, they were forced on the country’s citizens. According to the their government, these experiments were supposed to solve some of the country’s big problems, but they are plainly ridiculous and terrifying. Human experimentation in North Korea included suffocating the prisoners in gas chambers, experimental torture methods, performing a surgery without anesthesia, testing hazardous chemicals on the people.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Horrifying Human Experiments in North Korea!

5. Poisoned Cabbage Leaves

One former North Korean woman prisoner describes a horrifying human experiment conducted on the women prisoners. The authorities selected 50 women prisoners who were healthy and they were forced to eat the poisoned cabbage leaves. The women cried for help, they started vomiting blood and they were bleeding from their anus. This went on for 20 minutes and then they all were dead. Refusing to eat the poisoned cabbage leaves would have meant reprisals against them and against their entire families.

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4. Human Surgery Practice

One of the most terrifying North Korea experimentation is the practice of performing medical surgery on human beings who weren’t given anesthesia and were awake the entire time. A North Korean prison guard who left North Korea reported that the people who carry experiments and executions on the prisoners all drink before starting the operation. They would hit prisoners brutally with a hammer on their head, they would use people as zombies for target shooting practice.


3. Gas Weapon Testing

A former prison security head at camp 22 described there are laboratories set up various poisonous gas and blood experiments. There are gas chambers in which 3-4 people, normally members of a family are used as test subjects, they are forced to enter the gas chambers which are then sealed tightly. Through a tube, the poisonous gases are injected inside, the scientists through the glass above monitor the entire experiment.

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2. The Knee And Wood Torture Method

North Korea experiments include many horrifying and shocking torture methods. They always try to come up with some gruesome ways to torture its prisoners. They have devised a method called ‘The Knee and The Wood’ method. In this the prisoner will kneel on a wooden bar which is inserted into their knee to restrict and stop the blood flow. After a week you lose your ability to walk and within a month you die!

1. Anthrax Tests On Disabled Weapon

A scientist who escaped from North Korea to Finland revealed that North Korea has performed experiments on disabled children using dangerous chemical agent such as anthrax. They test chemical weapons on disabled kids just to see how they die.

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