Ian Somerhalder On Legacies? Paul Wesley’s Personal TVD Ending!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Fans of the Vampire Diaries have been desperately wishing that the lead characters Damon, Stefan, or Elena will make an appearance in the TVD spin-off series Legacies. Ian Somerhalder who played the character of Damon which became an instant hit with the fans recently spoke to ‘TV Guide’ while promoting his new Netflix series ‘V Wars’ which focuses on a Dr. Luther (Ian) who faces an outbreak of a disease which turns normal people into Vampires.

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When asked if he’d like to make a cameo on Legacies, the actor dismissed the possibility by saying that his character Damon isn’t even alive in the timeline in which Legacies is set. The actor said,

“He’s not alive… Damon is dead. That’s how he finds Stefan. He became human, and then he knocks on the door and he goes home. Now he’s with his brother.” 

Ian Somerhalder On Legacies? Paul Wesley's Personal TVD Ending!

If you have seen the finale then you know what he said makes perfect sense since we saw Elena and Damon reunite with their respective families in the end. We see Damon in the afterlife, reuniting with Stefan in the Salvatore Boarding House. Even though the actor might not make an appearance, but he’s very excited about the show. He told that when Paul went to direct the show, he sent him a video messaging saying, ‘Whoa bro, this is insane. Because they have the same set. They have our old set and stuff. It’s just like a time warp.’

Paul Wesley’s Vampire Diaries Ending

Not only did The Vampie Diaries become CW's most popular TV series, but the show had one of the most loyal and passionate fandoms at that time. 

The Vampire Diaries has already ended, for some the ending was bittersweet. But do you know that Paul Wesley had a different ending in mind for the show? Speaking to Andy Cohen, the actor expressed his idea of the finale, he said,

Ian Somerhalder On Legacies? Paul Wesley's Personal TVD Ending!

He was also very happy about the fact that his character died. He even had requested the creators that Stefan should die because he did a ton of bad things and the actor felt that his character deserved death. Paul also told how seriously he took the role of Stefan Salvatore. He had to get into the skin of the character, had to get the feel of what it would be like to live on this planet for 160 years and have that deadpan expression.

Ian Somerhalder On Legacies? Paul Wesley's Personal TVD Ending!

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