Importance Of Sharing Your Story Online

From the time when reading and writing where known, people have started writing down stories and published it in public platforms to make it reach to the public. Reading stories have been appreciated and adorned as entertainment from the olden days. A story telling is considered an art. This is one of those hobbies that has never changed for decades. Though the introduction of digital gadgets and various other sources have brought in many changes, the act of reading stories is still loved by many. The love for letters makes people spend money on it and treasure these books for their lifetime.

Importance Of Sharing Your Story Online

From late, books have been the means of accessing stories. But since the outburst of the networking giant, Internet, the act of publishing stories online have been gaining popularity. There are many writers who, despite penning down some fantastic stories, fail to post them online. There may be several reasons for this. While some might not be aware of the technology, others might not merely find the significance. Others feel that they lose their privacy as they fear that their identity is revealed. As some people cannot put up with fame, the thought of being known to large numbers will not let them use the online platforms.

Importance Of Sharing Your Story Online

The issue faced by these writers is that they are not aware of the privacy and the anonymity these online platforms offer. At the same time, these places have enough potential to make you famous, these platforms even the ability to hide you completely. The privacy that the online media offer is often misused. But why not making it of good use by sharing your story online without giving a word of your credentials. This might sound wonderful to many, while those who love to be famous might not like the idea much.

What is the importance of sharing your story online? Indeed, it is quite significant. The reason for this is that online media have evolved to be one of the most accessible platforms. The outbreak of digitalization has made things in favor of the Internet. Say, if you get about a thousand readers, if you publish your story in a book, lakhs are going to read it once you post it online. That far is the reach of the Internet. Much more is the followers you can get in this platform compared to any others in the modern era. It is no wonder that people have shifted to reading books online.

Another interesting fact is that you get a diverse audience across the world. No physical boundaries can restrict your readers from accessing your writings. Your ideas will be spread to a broader audience irrespective of gender, caste, creed, nationality, etc. Another significant advantage that the readers see in the online platforms is that it is comparatively much cheaper to read things online than buy books. As they cut down on buying storybooks, a considerable proportion of trees are saved from being cut down. Thus, ecology also enjoys the benefits.

What is anonymity on the Internet?

The Internet offers a significant opportunity to veil your identity. You need not be held accountable to the readers for your writings that you have published on the Internet. Anonymity refers to the act of keeping the real author of the book or a message unknown. The writer can post his/her writings without leaking their identity.


Now, the relevant question is why anonymity is essential. Though some often misuse it, there is an ample room of opportunity to express oneself that this feature of anonymity provides. This specific feature is a boon for those writers who wish to give a message to the world but does not want their identity pinned with it.

Some people wish to write. They might badly want the world to see it. But they fear the consequences that will have on them. As the say goes, one cannot be entirely free to express unless their identity remains hidden. But if the shade of anonymity is offered, they might be able to fully communicate their opinions on different fields like politics, sports, films, or any others.

The expression of freedom and fearlessness is the soul of persuasive writing. Not many will have the courage to openly declare their views to the public which is why anonymity is so important.

Anonymity in online platforms

Indeed, you can remain genuinely hidden for long in the online media. You can witness your writings celebrated and shared with many owing to the sharpness of the words it has. You can enjoy the feast without directly getting involved in it. Many people use this feature to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. The belief that they will not be held accountable unless it is morally wrong instills the confidence to fight the big battle.

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