6 Times India Cheated In The Gentleman’s Game Of Cricket!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Cricket is known to be a gentleman’s game, but there have been many incidents, moments in the sport which were against the spirit of the game. Whether they were intentional or unintentional, but they surely were wrong. Some people on the Internet went a step further and called them ‘Cheating’. But it’s not for us to judge! So today we will be presenting to you 5 moments in Indian cricketing history which were really controversial in terms of the game’s spirit.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Times India Cheated In The Gentleman’s Game Of Cricket!

1. Dhoni Takes The Catch?

Zaheer Khan bowls a brilliant delivery to Kevin Pietersen who edges it and the catch is taken by MS Dhoni. At least that is what everyone thought at first, but when we see the replay it becomes clear that the ball touched the ground before it got into Dhoni’s hands.

5 Times India Cheated In The Gentleman's Game Of Cricket

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2. What A Catch!

It was World Cup 2003, India Vs Australia. Harbhajan Singh bowls a fine spinning delivery to Adam Gilchrist. The batsman hits it and Ganguly catches it! But the empire Steve Bucknor says it didn’t touch the bat. A replay reveals that the ball hit the batsman’s thigh pad and even the catch didn’t carry! The ball did hit the ground.

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