5 Indian Actors Who Have Appeared In Most Films

Hello guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Indians make a record number of films every year. with the thousand mark getting crossed almost every year, there should be some actor who has acted in more than thousand films. Not possible? what if we say we have four who have crossed it and one who is about to do so in a few months. Today we are going to talk about five Indian actors who acted in the most number of films.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Indian Actors Who Have Appeared In Most Films!

5. BRAHMANANDAM – 960 Films

5 Indian Actors Who Have Appeared In Most Films

Brahmanandam is a Telugu comedian who has acted in Tamil, Hindi and Kannada films as well. He currently holds the Guinness world record for the most screen credits for a living actor and being a recipient of the Padma Shri Award, this comedian is going to cross thousand films by 2018 for sure.

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Sreekumar Achary who is famous and known popularly by his stage name Jagathy Sreekumar is an Indian film actor. Jagathy’s career spanned over four decades which is a huge feat, he has acted in over thousand Malayalam films. The actor is mainly known for his comic roles in comedy films and his character roles in some of the best Malayalam films ever made. Unfortunately the talented actor met with a fatal accident in 2012 and has not been acting ever since.


3. MANORAMA – 1500 Films

Manorama also known as ‘Aachie’ was an Indian actress and comedian who in her 50 years long career appeared in over 1500 films, performed over 5000 stage shows and was a part of many TV series until 2015 when she died. In 1985, the actress entered the Guinness World Records for having more than 1000 appearances in films. By 2015, she had more than 1500 appearances in films.

4. ADOOR BHASI – 2000 Films

K. Bhaskaran Nair who was famous by his stage name ‘Adoor Bhasi’ was a talented Indian film actor and a director. This film actor from Kerala was always cast as a man who would stand beside the main hero in every film. His hilarious actions, comic scenes made him an unforgettable actor in the South Indian cinema. He was the face and center of the comic scenes in the Malayalam films from 1950-80. A proper record of how many films he has acted in is unknown, but he number seems to have crossed the mark. He died in 1990.

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5. SUKUMARI – 2500 Films

Sukumari is an Indian actress who has acted in most number of films. She began her film career at a very young age of 10 with a small role in the Tamil film ‘Or Iravu’ which was released in 1951. Her career spanned over six decades in which she starred in over 25oo films. She did films in various languages such as Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada and Bengali.

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