When Indian Politicians Meet Famous Bollywood Dialogues!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Indian politicians are no less than the Bollywood stars. They have fans and their own unique style of working. Politicians are followed by millions of Indian people and they are the people who are responsible for running the country. And each and every politician has his own style of working. Although they might have a different style, a way of working, but their ultimate goal is to take the nation forward. Bollywood is also followed by millions of people not only in India but around the world. Both politics and Bollywood plays a very popular among the youth and they keep an eye on every news regarding the two.

So Let’s Take A Look At What Would Happen When Indian Politicians Meet Famous Bollywood Dialogues!

1. Once this guy committed to something, then there’s no one on this planet who can change his mind, stop him from doing that. One simply cannot stop Subramanian Swamy.

When Indian Politicians Meet Famous Bollywood Dialogues!

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2. Who would have thought that this famous dialogue from the hit Indian film ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’ would fit so perfectly on the situation of Rahul Gandhi in Indian politics?


3. Rahul Gandhi! A name that everyone in India is very familiar with.

4. Never ever…ever underestimate the power of a common man. Arvind Kejriwal proved this to everyone. A man from the masses who became the Chief Minister of Delhi.

5. Raj Shrikant Thackeray is a pretty straightforward politician. He’s a very outspoken person who never shies away from expressing his views.

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6. Amit Shah, the president of BJP is the real Baazigar. His strategy and tactics in Goa is a perfect example of how he can even win a lost battle.

7. Narendra Modi has a habit of surprising everyone. You can never predict his next move! So beware all the corrupt, black money holders, who knows what he’s planning for you next!

BONUS! Nirav Modi, he’s a fugitive businessman who is being investigated for a fraud case worth $2 billion.

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