Famous Politicians Who Were ‘Allegedly’ Involved In Serious Crimes!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Politics in Indian is often said as “the great Indian political drama”, because at times, our great Indian politicians becomes actors, tweet writers, social workers or even criminals! This article will make you question your mind, that were you voting a criminal till now?

Let’s read this out, to know about some famous politicians who were involved in serious criminal offences.

1. Jayalalithaa  

Famous Politicians Who Were Involved In Serious Crimes!

The famous Indian actress and formal chief minister of Tamil Nadu, was convicted to owe total assets of around 67 crores, that included 4 luxury cars, more than 11000 saris, 32 kg of gold and around 2500 acres of land. While this amount did not match her known sources of income.

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2. Suresh Kalmadi

Kalmadi was involved in one of the biggest scams in Indian history, the famous “commonwealth ghotala”. He was the chairman of the organising committee of commonwealth games, and was accused of criminal conspiracy and cheating. He got arrested for timing-scoring-result case.

3. Amit Shah

Amit shah was found to be involved in a so-called ‘fake’ encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, that was scripted by him and a team of police officers.


4. Uma Bharti

Uma Bharti, one of the most famous Indian politicians, was against the re-building of Sabri Masjid, as she was an active supporter of Ram janm bhoomi movement. She was a prominent figure of the movement and was accused to ignite a mob to create violence and riots.

5. Nitin Gadkari

One of the most lime-lighted character of indian politics, Nitin Gadkari, was actively involved in irrigation scam and was caught to take bribes from multinational corporations like mahalaxmi infra projects.

6. Shiela Dixit

The formal chief minister of Delhi, she was actively involved in fund corruption during 2010 commonwealth games. She was also taken under investigation, when she used a fund of 4 crores for her political campaign, which was actually issued by the central government for Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana.

7. Mayavati

Mayavati, the famous political figure of UP , was accused of stealing a part of fund, that was issued by the government of UP , to repair the prestigious Taj corridor. The came in limelight when an investigation was set up for the project. Later an income tax raid at her resident , also screwed to show disproportionate property.

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8. A.Raja

A Raja was the convict of the 2G scandal that dealt with an amount of around 1765 billion. Raja sold the telecommunication bandwidths to the selected operators at an understated price, that was actually quite less than their market value, due to which the government suffered a loss of Rs. 1700 billions.

Hope this article was stable enough to reflect the dark sides of our Indian politicians. Stay tuned to read such more interesting articles.

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