Innovative Smartphone Companies That Failed In India

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. A smartphone is the future. India is one of the fastest growing markets for smartphones and that’s why many companies are willing to enter it. There are many smartphones companies that came to India but failed to capture a good market for itself. What are those companies, let’s know it.

So let’s check out the smartphone companies that failed in India

1. Yu Televentures

Innovative Smartphone Companies That Failed In India

Yu Televentures is a subsidiary of Micromax and it made its debut in the Indian market in 2015. And Yu launches were not preferred that much in India and some Chinese brands were taking over it. This company came into the market to compete with Xiaomi showing the same features in its phone but Yu couldn’t survive in this market for long because it was trying to copy One Plus. Even Micromax sales are going down day by day and people are not even noticing any new product launched by these companies.

2. LeEco

LeEco was earlier known as LeTv, this company completely failed in the Indian market and we don’t even know when this phone came into India and when it disappeared. In 2016 this company launched its first phone, Le 2 and the special feature of that phone was that it had removed the headphone jack before the launch of iPhone 7. But still, it did no good in the market and wasn’t even noticed. The main drawback of this company was that it was trying to expand too fast and it even launched its Led TV’s but failed and faced severe financial loses.

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3. QiKU

This company was basically the subsidiary of Coolpad. QiKU launched its first phone QiKU q Terra in the year 2015, it was the first phone that had the feature of a dual camera but it was quite costly. Its range started from Rs. 18000 which was too much for a new brand and no one purchased it then, it then led to the diminishing of this company from the Indian market.

4. Coolpad

The smartphone market in India faces a plenty of competition. Coolpad also had launched many phones in the Indian market, at first it launched Coolpad Note 3 that performed quite well as it was a bit cheap and affordable but later it faced severe competition from Xiaomi. Xiaomi provided better phones with less price so people started forgetting the existence of Coolpad and it also failed in the market.


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