This Interactive Map Reveals WiFi Passwords At Airports Around The World! Download It Now!

There is nothing more annoying and boring than waiting at the airport for a connecting or delayed flight and not having free Wi-Fi can make it a horrific experience. Even your internet pack isn’t much helpful because you might not find the network in the first place. The only solution is Airport WiFi which can save you from the boredom.


Lately WiFi has become a necessity, it’s quite annoying to pay for it to avail the service when there are a lot of free public WiFi hotpots dispersed everywhere. Airports have free WiFi, but the problem is the password.


Anil Polat, a computer security engineer and a travel blogger has created an interactive map that reveals the Wi-Fi passwords of dozens of airports. It has all the information that the flyers need to access airport Wi-Fi to ease the boredom at the airport. He regularly updates the interactive map, adds new information to it.

You can simply click on an airport on the map to see both the password and the Wi-Fi’s location. Isn’t that easy?

Airport Wifi

Anil Polat has a blog called foXoMad, which is dedicated to help the travelers, how to travel smartly, providing traveling tips and information. His WiFox map is updated regularly, based on verified information submitted by travelers.


The application users of the map receive specific directions where they will receive strong signals. Along with the instructions for inputting the password. If anyone gets any lounge passwords or for other access points, they can email it to Polat, he will update the interactive map.

The application is available in iOS, android. You can download the application from here WiFox.

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