Interesting And Unknown Facts About Aarushi Sharma

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Aarushi Sharma, a name that seems to be new for us is starred in Imtiaz ali upcoming movie Love Aaj Kal 2. Everyone is way curious to know about that face who is the other actor with Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali khan. She is not new to the Indian film industry and maybe possible that some of you find her face familiar.

Here are some interesting facts about Aarushi Sharma:

1) Aarushi Sharma completed her graduation from Jai Prakash University in Bihar. She debuts her acting career from the movie Tamasha starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, where she plays the role of the teacher (Samyukta) of young Ranbir Kapoor, but she was unnoticed in her very first role, but this was not the end to her acting career.

Interesting And Unknown Facts About Aarushi Sharma2) She was also made her social media debut by a small Youtube video along with little things fame actor Dhruv Sehgal. The video is called catorce-diminishing returns. It is a 60 second conversation between them.

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3) She joined Instagram back in 2015 but never share pic many pictures there.she is not much active on social media platform. This suggests that she prefers to live in the moment and enjoy it than capture it with a camera. but now she starts sharing on Instagram and also asked her followers to show some love to the trailer of Love Aaj Kal 2. So may be things gonna change for her after this big debut in Love Aaj Kal

4) She is seen playing a role in Love Aaj Kal, her name is Leena in this movie. Starring as Kartik’s childhood love and then they separated at the train station.this childhood romance between them creates a astonishing look to the movie. She was successful to make a strong impact on the viewers by her acting and innocence in the movie and everyone is waiting to watch her in the film.

5) Aarushi Sharma’s absence in trailer launch was a calculated move as everyone becomes more eager to know about her. She has a twitter account where she has followers not more than 150.which simply buttresses her role of a newcomer in the film industry. So hopefully we finally able to answer that who is that unknown newcomer in Imtiaz’s movie.

Interesting And Unknown Facts About Aarushi Sharma

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