Interesting And Unknown Facts About Bhumi Pednekar

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Bhumi Pednekar is one of the finest and strongest actresses of this generation, she has proved this ever since her first film got released. Bhumi is also an actress who stays away from all sorts of dramas as she believes in focusing on her professional life only. So let’s know about this actress more.

So here are some interesting and unknown facts about Bhumi Pednekar!

1. Life before an actress

Interesting And Unknown Facts About Bhumi Pednekar

Unlike many other actresses, Bhumi started her career as an assistant of Shanoo who is the casting director of Yash Raj Films. She has worked as an assistant for 6 years which is quite a long time and she believes Shanoo to be her mentor as she taught her most of the things about this industry.

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2. Lied to get out of a relationship

Bhumi is known as the bubbly girl of this industry but once in an interview, she revealed that she has lied many times to get out of certain relationships and she was very good at it. She did not reveal the person name but said that she used to have fun doing it.

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