Interesting And Unknown Facts about Manohar Parrikar

Hello readers! welcome back to Humor Nation. Goa’s chief minister Manohar Parrikar has passed away at the age of 63, 17 March 2019. he is counted as one of the most dedicated leaders of all the time who works for his country till his last breath.

Here are some facts about Manohar Parrikar!!

His Birth

He was  Born on December 13, 1955, in Mapusa Goa.


He studied at Loyola high school, Margao. He completed his secondary education in Marathi and went on to graduate in metallurgical engineering from the IIT Bombay in 1978. He was the first IIT alumnus to serve as MLA of an Indian state.

His political career starts with joining RSS

He was greatly influenced by RSS leaders and continued working for RSS in the final year of his college. In 1981 he was made Mapusa unit RSS Sanghchalak and joined Indian politics through it.

A well-renowned defense minister 

In November 2014, Parrikar was chosen as the Minister of Defence replacing Arun Jaitly. Parrikar’s greatest contribution to the Indian military establishment was the one-rank, one-pension scheme or OROP and his decisions during the URI.

His battle with cancer

As of March–June 2018, Parrikar was undergoing treatment for a pancreatic ailment at a hospital in the US. On 27 October 2018, the Goa government announced that CM Manohar Parrikar has pancreatic cancer

Original Aam Aadmi

Parrikar liked wearing his half-sleeve shirts and flip-flops even during the height of Delhi’s harsh winters, which he could never warm to. he used to go on a scooter to his office.

Bollywood films which have been copied from Marathi films!!

The 4-time chief minister of Goa

he was selected as chief minister of goa in 2000 and 2005 (two terms from 2000-2002 and 2002-2005), 2012 and in 2017

His wife

He loved his wife Medha Parrikar so much. he never mixes issues of his personal and professional life and the only time he did this was in 2000, after his wife’s passing he said he missed her so much.

Family status

He was the father of two sons named Utpal and Abhijat

He was a taskmaster

He took on the mining in Goa with gusto, handing out suspensions and canceling licenses of rogue traders. His clean governance motto leaning saw him suspending block development officers, panchayat secretaries, and lower-rank staff.

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