5 Interesting Details In Supernatural That The Fans Missed

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. No matter how much you know about the Supernatural, there’s always some piece of information that you might have missed. Even if you are a crazy fanatic of the show who worships Supernatural, there are certain small details, trivia, or facts that you have gone under your radar. So don’t feel bad if you weren’t familiar with any of the details that have been mentioned below because even the loyal fans who started watching Supernatural Season 1 could miss this fascinating trivia.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Details In Supernatural That The Fans Missed


7 Interesting Details In Supernatural That The Fans Missed
The CW

If you have been a careful viewer of the show then you definitely must have seen the ‘Weekly World News’ in the show. The newspaper has been featured in plenty of episodes such as ‘Tall Tales’, ‘Hello, Cruel World’, and ‘Curious Case of Dean Winchester’. This isn’t some fictional newspaper created for the sake of the show. It’s actually a tabloid newspaper that is famous for its over-the-top, exaggerated fictional paranormal articles and stories. The newspaper stopped its publication in 2007 but then revamped itself into an online media in 2009.

5 Interesting Facts About The Winchesters From Supernatural



In its long 15 Seasons, it has featured numerous references, easter eggs, and subtle nods to various other movies and TV shows. While some of them are pretty noticeable whereas others are discreet. Interestingly, the show has made references to the previous works of the lead actors; Jared and Jensen.

  • In the episode ‘Fallen Idols’, Paris Hilton was the guest star who played herself. The episode features a reference to the movie House of Wax’ which featured Jared and Paris Hilton.
  • In the episode ‘Hollywood Babylon’, when Sam and Dean are touring Hollywood, the tour guide mentions they are passing through the set of Gilmore Girls, and could run into any of the actors of the show.
  • In the episode ‘The French Mistake’, we see the footage of Jensen acting in the popular soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives’, this was actually the real footage from the show.


7 Interesting Details In Supernatural That The Fans Missed
The CW

In the Season 4 Episode ‘The Monster at the End of This Book, Sam and Dean learn about Carver Edlund which is the pen name of Chuck who is writing books about the lives of the Winchesters. We also see how various other characters like Charlie and Becky are fans of the books. But did you know there are actual Supernatural novels? There are a series of novels that have been published by Titan Books that explores the cases and events which have not been featured on the show, it does the job of filling the gaps and giving the viewers a deeper understanding of the show and its characters.


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