5 Interesting Details In Supernatural That The Fans Missed


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The chemistry that we see on the screen isn’t just good acting, but there’s a deeper connection to it. Jensen Ackles revealed how there was instant chemistry with Jared. Once they got to know each other, everything just came together. These two actors shared a room together at the beginning of the show. Jared mentioned in an interview in 2008 how they would have a great time, playing guitar and vibing. Did you know in Season 2 when Sam meets his demise at the hands of Jake, Dean is devastated, you can see him in tears. For this scene, Jensen imagined that it wasn’t just Sam’s character, but Jared. This brought out his natural feelings and emotions, one could call it a technique of method acting. There’s no denying that these two are not just brothers on-screen, but their bond extends beyond the screen too.


The CW

Mainly the show has been filmed in Vancouver located in Canada. The show involved plenty of cemeteries and what’s surprising is that these aren’t sets, the actors and crew filmed in real cemeteries. Interestingly, some of the locations might seem familiar to you such as Riverview Hospital which was used in the episode Asylum and has been reused several times as a regular hospital in one episode, and as a prison in the other. The  Season 5 Swan Song’s ultimate showdown between Michael and Lucifer takes place in Stull Cemetary which is located in Kansas. Did you know a friend of Eric Kripke told him about the city of Stull which has the infamous cemetery, it is the reason why Kripke made up his mind to have the Winchesters hail from Lawrence, Kansas due to its proximity to Stull. The show has also shared sets with other popular TV series like Smallville, The OC, Arrowverse, and Riverdale (other CW shows).

Even though Supernatural has not officially crossed over with the Arrowverse in a typical way, one important character of SPN has made its appearance on the Legends of Tomorrow Episode Zari, Not Zari’. This episode of Legends of Tomorrow as filmed in Vancouver where SPN has also been filmed, and the productions of both shows crossed paths. Supernatural’s Impala AKA Baby can be seen in the episode. Actually, this isn’t the Supernatural universe, but the Arrowverse where Supernatural is a fictional show. The characters come across the filming set of the show where production signs can be seen.

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