8 Interesting Facts About Kolkata Knight Riders That All Cricket Fans Must Know!


The owner has made it to the news and made the team most talked about in the entire league. SRK had many issues on the ground. He was also not allowed to be visiting in stadiums and later in changing rooms too.

6. Successful Franchise

Kolkata Knight Riders managed to have victory more than once and that makes it one of the most successful franchise. It has the maximum fan base. It won 10 matches in a streak.

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7. Market Value

The team has a Market Value of $99 million. This leaves a tough competition to all others in the league but knight riders manage the record quite well.

8. Expensive Player

Kolkata made home to the most Expensive Player in the league. It is Gautam Gambhir who had a 10 crore salary capital.

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