7 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Parle-G

Welcome to Humor Nation. India’s oldest Parle-G factory in Mumbai has finally shut down after 87 years. Thousands of new biscuit brands are launched every year, but Parle G remains the king of the biscuit. Parle G still maintains its position as one of the best biscuit among children youth and even old. It is something that both the rich and the poor have in common. We are sharing a few things that make it everyone’s favorite biscuit brand!

So let’s take a look at 7 Interesting Facts About Parle-G!

7. Parle G Packaging

7 Interesting Facts About Parle-G

Earlier Parle G biscuits were packed and sold in the Wax paper. However, later the packaging was changed to plastic paper.

6. Covering The Distance To Moon!

Around 1 Billion Parle-G packets are produced monthly which are then sold in about 5 million retail stores. And if this monthly production of the biscuits are stacked side-by-side then it would be almost enough to cover the Earth-Moon distance of 7.25 lakh Kms.

5. Older Than India’s Independence

According to a survey, it is the largest selling brand of biscuits in the world. Parle G is even older than India’s azadi, yes Parle G started producing Parle-G around in 1939 in their Vile Parle confectionary and India got its independence from British Raj in 1947.

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4. G Means Glucose

Parle-G means glucose, not genius parle G changed their name from Parle Gluco to Parle-G around in the 1980s. This was to add some cool factor, but it still is a believed that Parle-G means genius.

3. The Amount Of Biscuit It Produces

Parle-G produces more biscuits in a year than the whole China can eat and produce. China is the world’s fourth-largest biscuit market in the world. Every second and somewhere in some part of the world, 4551 people are eating Parle-G right now.

2. It’s An Art

An artist captured her when she was some three or four years old parle G girl is just an art according to an urban myth by some geeky fellow on Quora, she is Niru Deshpande of Nagpur who’s at present is in her 60s.

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1. No Difference In Taste

Seventy-three years, there is hardly any change in the packing or taste of the biscuit. It comes with the same white and yellow wrapping with the same picture of the girl on it.

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