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Nina Dobrev played multiple roles of the Petrova Doppelgangers in the TVD Universe. It was the actress’ major break. Although she flunked her first audition, she gave her best in the second attempt and convinced everyone that she is the perfect choice for Elena Gilbert. Did you know she can speak Bulgarian fluently and this is the reason the show decided to keep Katherine’s roots as Bulgarian instead of being German which was the case in the books. Many fans already know that she is a gymnast who is pretty flexible as evident from the splits and yoga poses she has done on the camera. But did you know that she has also represented Canada in Gymnastics back in 2005. She participated in Junior World and Senior World Championships. The actress is also a fan of Jewelry making as she has also designed her jewelry and expressed the desire to work on it in a professional manner. Did you know that Nina Dobrev has shared an apartment with her TVD co-star Kayla Ewell who played the role of Vicki Donovan.

How Well Do You Know Klayley From The Originals?


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Did you know that Paul Wesley when first started acting, he used the name Paul Wasilewski where Wasilewski is his originally birth name. He has been credited with this name for her work in ‘The Last Run’ and the CBS show ‘Wolf Lake’. It was only in 2005 that the actor decided to change his screen name to Paul Wesley because his birth name was hard to be pronounced. The actor is close friends with Claire Holt who played Rebekah and Ben McKenzie who played Dt Jim Gordon in CW’s Gotham. The actor married Torrey DeVitto in 2011 and she has appeared on TVD playing the role of Meredith Fell. In 2013, it was reported that he was romantically linked to Phoebe Tonkin who played Hayley in the TVD Universe. It’s interesting that Paul Wesley has dated or been involved in a relationship with two of his TVD co-stars.

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The actor has revealed in an interview that if he hadn’t joined acting then he would have taken the career of an investigate journalism because there’s something cool about being undercover journalist. His TVD co-star Ian Somerhalder began his career with modeling when he was a child, at the young age of ten years old. He has modeled for major brands such as Gucci, Versace, and Calvin Klein. Ian Somerhalder had expressed that he might have chosen a career in writing or marine biology if he had not taken the acting route. As many fans are aware that Ian is an environmentalist who always put efforts in raising awareness towards protection of our environment and the life in it. He has worked on projects promoting biodiversity and minimizing the climate change.

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