Interesting Facts About The Petrova Doppelgangers From TVD Universe


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Elena Gilbert and Tom Avery are the last doppelgangers. Both born in the 20th century and were supposed to be destined for each other if you believe the Prophecy, meaning Stefan was never supposed to cross paths with Elena. However, him becoming a vampire change everything, making him last longer and make it to the 20th century. The last Petrova descendant is Elena Gilbert who became a vampire, but was cured of it in Season 6, becoming a human again. Also, Elena and Damon got married, it is hinted they both have kids. However, with the passing of Amara, the doppelgangers are no longer needed to maintain the balance.


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While in the show, Elena is a descendent of Katherine who descended from Tatia, all of them are Petrova Doppelgangers created because of the existence of Amara. The books follow a different route, Elena and Katherine aren’t doppelgangers, but sisters. Their mother Elizabeth Morrow is a celestial guardian and who gave birth to Katherine in 15th century and conceived Elena five centuries later. Katherine is born in the Von Swartzschild Family whereas in the show she’s a part of the Petrova Family which has Bulgarian Descent. Interestingly, while numerous members of the Petrova Family became Vampires, but they were Travelers by birth thus giving them the birthright to practice magic. When Katherine foiled Klaus’ plan of lifting up the curse, an enraged Klaus wiped out the entire (nearly) family of Katherine.


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All the Petrova Doppelgangers have been involved in a love triangle in some capacity. It all started with Amara who fell in love with Silas who was the fiance of Qetsiyah. Then came Tatia who also became the love interest of both Klaus and Elijah, but she chose Elijah over Klaus. Similarly, Katherine was also involved in two love triangles involving the brothers; Klaus & Elijah, Stefan and Damon. And finally, Elena who fell in love with both the Salvatore brothers. Interestingly, the love story between a Petrova and Salvatore doppelganger is anything, but happy.

Amara and Silas loved each other for thousands of years, but remained separate. When they cannot be together in life, they decided to end themselves to be reunited in the afterlife. However, Bonnie became the Anchor to the Other Side, Amara ended up finding peace and Silas got pulled to the underworld. Katherine and Stefan meet their fate in the hellfire, with Stefan finding peace and Katherine fate remains unknown. Elena lived a long life with Damon whereas Stefan sacrificed himself to save everyone.

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