Interesting Facts About the Popular Episodes Of Supernatural

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. There have been a total of 327 episodes that aired over 15 seasons. The majority of these episodes are extremely entertaining, and while some of these episodes progressed the storylines, some served as the fillers. Supernatural is one of the few shows that was never afraid to experiment, from breaking the fourth wall to entering the universe of cartoons, Supernatural should also be remembered for its creativity and pushing the envelope. Out of all episodes, which episode is your favorite, and why so?

So Take A Look At Interesting Facts About the Popular Episodes Of SupernaturalĀ 


Interesting Facts About the Popular Episodes Of Supernatural
The CW

The episode ‘Scoobynatural’ of Season 13 saw The Winchesters and Castiel get transported into the Scooby Universe where they must team up with the Scooby gang and put an end to a ‘Supernatural’ mystery. Even though SPN has featured references to other shows, movies, and media. But this is the first episode where an actual crossover happened. This is also the second SPN episode that featured animation, in the earlier S8 Episode ‘Hunteri Heroici’ where the Winchesters come across demise that has happened in a cartoonish fashion.


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Season 1 marked the beginning of an epic journey. The first season had a completely different vibe. It was a time when Eric Kripke and the team were still trying to find out what would work. Many of fans consider this episode to be one of the worst episodes. Even Kripke admitted that it’s not one of his favorite episodes. At the 2015 fan convention, Jensen talked about the making of the episode ‘Bees’. On the episode set, the crew members were in their bee-protective outfits whereas Sam & Dean didn’t get one. There were nearly 60k bees, but the bee wrangler convinced them that bees won’t harm them as long as they do not provoke them. The stars of the show ended up getting stung by the bees. But the worst part is since the bees weren’t clearly visible on the camera so they edited the scene using CGI VFX which made the efforts of Jared & Jensen useless.


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This finale episode of Season 3 originally had a ‘nasty’ final scene planned for Dean Winchester who gets dragged by the hellhounds. The original plan involved meat hooks and a visual of a slaughterhouse. But as different people have different conceptualizations of the underworld, they decided to keep it vague in the end.


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