Interesting Things About The Vampire Diaries Series That The Fans Should Know


Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries is set in Mystic Falls, a small town that is plagued with supernatural threats of all sorts. A teenager girl named Elena Gilbert is caught in the middle of all the chaos. Elena also finds herself in love with a mysterious guy named Stefan Salvatore who is 162 years old vampire. As their friendship develops into a blossoming romance, things take an interesting turn when Stefan’s older brother Damon shows up with malicious intentions. We then learn that Elena Gilbert is actually a lookalike of a woman named Katherine Pierce who is a vampire responsible for turning the Salvatores into vampires.

So Take A Look At Things About The Vampire Diaries Series That The Fans Should Know


5 Things About The Vampire Diaries Series That The Fans Should Know
The CW

Did you know that the Season 4 has the most number of episodes out all seasons whereas the finale Season 8 is the shortest one with only 16 episodes. Season 4 featured Elena Gilbert who is adjusting to her new life as a vampire and various parties hunting for a cure which could revert one back to human from vampirism. This season also saw the debut of Silas, the first immortal being in the TVD Universe. Whereas Season 1 is the most viewed season with a rating of 3.60 Average Million Viewers. The least viewed Season was Season 6 which averaged 1.54 million viewers. Since Season 5, there has been a decline in the viewership of the show. The highest watched episode is the pilot episode of the series with a rating of 4.91 million viewers.


5 Things About The Vampire Diaries Series That The Fans Should Know
The CW

There are so many rumors on the internet as to why Vampire Diaries ended. Some believe it was because the story was almost completed and the creators ran out of ideas. Elena Gilbert left the show in Season 6, she was the leading protagonist of the show. Her departure was a big blow to the show. The ratings also began to fall starting Season 6. Julie Plec cleared the air, ending the show was a decision the creators chose voluntarily. They weren’t forced to cancel TVD. She further explained that numerous factors came into play which resulted in the decision. Factors such as logistics and contractual, questions such as whether show will be good without Nina? Do we know the end? She also added, the storytelling reached to a point where it felt just right to wrap it up. The story was about the Salvation of the characters and Season 8 storytelling summed it up perfectly.


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