Interesting Things About The Vampire Diaries Series That The Fans Should Know



TVD aired on the CW Network which is a joint venture of CBS and WB. CW is also the home of numerous superhero series such as Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl all of them are based on DC Comic book characters. DC and CW Network has a close connection. TVD also share a surprising connection with DC Comics. In 2013, DC Comics launched a series of comic books based on the Vampire Diaries. Interestingly, these comic books and the stories in it are not canon. There are a total number of 39 issues of the TVD comics.


The CW

Did you know it took months to cast the character of Klaus which eventually resulted in the storylines being delayed and Klaus appearing pretty later. He was originally intended to appear earlier, but when the creators didn’t find a suitable actor, they created a character of Elijah to progress the storylines until they can find the right actor for Klaus. Did you know Torrey DeVitto auditioned for the role of Elena Gilbert whereas Ashley Tisdale and Ashlee Simpson were offered the role, but she turned it down. Nina Dobrev bombed her auditions and was given a second chance in which she managed to impress the creators and bagged the role.

The CW

Neve Campbell who rose to fame with her Scream movies was offered the role of Isobel Flemming, but the actress couldn’t join the cast. Michaela McManus auditioned for the role of the vampire Rose who sired Katherine, but the role went to Lauren Cohan. Another Hollywood actress named Sarah Michelle Gellar who is best known for her role of Buffy in Buffy The Vampire Slayer was offered the role of Rose, but she declined. Michaela would eventually be cast into the role of the werewolf Jules who bites Rose and eventually gets sacrificed in a ritual by Klaus Mikaelson. Lauren would go on to star in The Walking Dead and became a bigger star after TVD.

The CW

Several people auditioned for the role of Damon Salvatore which eventually went to Ian Somerhalder. The other actors would be cast in other roles such as Stefan, Kol, Tyler, and lot more. Did you know Paul Wesley had to audition more than once for the role of Stefan. Charles Michael Davis also tried to bag a role, but failed at first. He would later be cast into the role of Marcel in Originals.

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