Interesting Things About The Vampires In TVD Universe!

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Who doesn’t want to be an immortal being? In TVD Universe, the easiest way to become an immortal is by transforming into a vampire. Being a vampire offers one unlimited strength and power, speed and agility, healing against injuries and illnesses, one becomes virtually invincible. Even though they are immortal in a sense, but there are several ways through which a vampire can be killed. They can be killed using wooden stakes which pierced through their heart can kill them or using weapons involving Vervain and other stuff. They can also die to exposure to the sunlight if they don’t have their daylight rings on. Vampires can also die of heart extraction and decapitation. A vampire came into existence due to Originals and in the case of the death of the Original Vampire from whose sireline they came into being, they’ll also die.

So Take A Look At Interesting Things About The Vampires In TVD Universe!


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Vampirism can be reverted using three means. First is the infamous ‘Cure’ created by Qetsiyah for her lover Silas who was the first immortal being. Second is the Immortality Reversal Spell which was intended to used for the Mikaelson by Esther. She wanted to turn back all her children who were Original Vampires into normal humans again. The final way to undo the vampirism is through the Magic Purification Spell which was created by the Travelers using the blood of Elena and Stefan. This spell was set into motion around the border of the Mystic Falls which would revert and strip away the magic that transformed a person into a vampire being. A person would revert back to the human state in which they were before transitioning into a vampire.

Interesting Things About The Vampires In TVD Universe!
The CW

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Four Vampires became human again after taking the ‘Cure’. These Vampires are Katherine Pierce who was forced to ingest the Cure by her doppelganger Elena. Then we have Elena who took the cure and became human again. Finally, the Salvatore brothers who became humans again after being injected by the cure against their wish. Bonnie injected the cure into Stefan and Stefan injected the cure into Damon. Apart from these Vampires, we have a vampire named Sloan who is the only vampire to have their vampirism taken away by taking the doppelganger blood of Stefan and Elena. And finally, we have Alaric Saltzman who was made an Enhanced Original Vampire by Esther reverted back to his human state when he passed through the Magic Purification Spell.


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