Interesting Things We Learned From ‘The Winchesters’ Trailer

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While Supernatural has ended, but the story still continues. Supernatural came to its conclusion after 15 long seasons in 2020. We later learned that a prequel series titled ‘The Winchesters’ is in the world. This Supernatural spin-off revolves around Mary and John Winchester, parents of Sam & Dean. While we learned almost everything about the boys on the show, but their parents are still an enigma. We know only bits and pieces about them. This prequel series which is set in the 1970s is going to shed more light on how John Winchester and Mary Campbell met. This spin-off stars Drake Rodger as John Winchester and Meg Donnelly as Mary Campbell. The trailer only offered us a teaser of the next chapter (or the previous chapter) in the Winchester Saga.

So Take A Look At Interesting Things We Learned From Supernatural Spin-off ‘The Winchesters’ Trailer


Interesting Things We Learned From The Winchesters Trailer
The CW

In Supernatural, it was only after the demise of Mary Winchester that John became about the existence of the Supernatural world. He would then spent all his life in hunting down the demon responsible for Mary’s demise. In the process, he would also raise his children into this Supernatural life. But from the Winchesters trailer, we learn that John Winchester runs into Mary and teams up with her. He learns about hunting while being with Mary. This is totally inconsistent with the Supernatural plot. Several fans came up with numerous explanations such as that the characters will lose their memories when the show would end or maybe it is set in some other alternate universe.


Ever since the spin-off was announced, there have been mixed opinions among the fandom. There are fans who believe it’s not a worthy story to be explored. They should have focused the spin-off on Bobby and Rufus, or it should be about Samuel Colt, or focusing on the next generation of the Winchesters. The fans feel that anyone other than John & Mary could have been the main characters and it would have made a great spin-off show. Then there are some fans who feel the spin-off will deliver and are more than ready to give it a watch. They would just watch the show to listen to Dean (Jensen Ackles) voice again who will serve as the narrator. Some fans already believe that it would never surpass Supernatural and at most would be a decent show. Some say they would rather re-watch the Original again.


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