Some Interesting And Unknown Facts About WWE Superstars

4. This might come surprising to many that Bray Wyatt, who is a brilliant performer on the microphone and in the ring. But did you know that he competed as a masked wrestler named “Axel Mulligan” before his mainstream stint in WWE.

5. Matt Hardy has retired from the active wrestling and will surely play some backstage roles in WWE. He might be RAW General Manager in the future. Recently, Matt Hardy visited the Indian singing reality show ‘Indian Idol’.

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6. John Cena is arguably one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. He has accomplished numerous great achievements in the WWE squared ring, but did you know that John Cena holds a record which he surely would like to forget. The record for most number of losses at SummerSlam.

7. Samoa Joe has wrestled in almost every big wrestling promotion. But the fans always wanted to see him in the biggest Wrestling promotion which is WWE. So when he made his long-awaited debut on NXT, it shocked the wrestling fans. He’s the only wrestler to hold the TNA World Championship and the NXT Championship.

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