Take A Look At How Much IPL Anchors Make Per Day!

Welcome to Humor Nation. News unleash the fact that our country’s athletes are well paid, not well, more than well I must say, and if it’s the topic of our country’s most watched game i.e. cricket. Here the players are so well paid not for the sake of their performance in their game, but for many other secondary purposes too. For example like ads, special appearances in television shows by which they can live a luxurious life. But this fact is like a stone in our gut is that most of the IPL anchors are being paid more than our star players. It must be pretty hard to believe, but it is true, they are being paid more than any eminent player for example our favorite Captain cool M.S Dhoni.

So Check out per day salary of some famous IPL anchors!

1. Ravi Shahstri

He’s famous for all the good and bad reasons, he the director of the IPL operations and as of his name and fame, he’s been paid 4 crore as the principal amount. But there is more to it, he is also paid 2 crore bonus which increases annually.

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2. Sunil Gavaskar

He as a former Indian captain also made his fame in the Indian team by his consistency and performance. Sunil is too paid same as Ravi Shastri i.e. a total of 6 crore.

Do You Know How Much IPL Anchors Earn Per Day?

3. Sanjay Manjrekar

He after retiring from professional cricket now works as a commentator in IPL. According to data on BCCI’s site, he is been paid on the basis of installments of 25 lacks, as of Jan 2016.

4. Shonali Nagrani 

Previously as an entertainer on television, she also got golden ticket to host IPL. She was the first lady to host IPL and served with her duty for the first grand season of IPL, apart from IPL, she has also hosted several cricket news and T20 world cup shows on ESPN, Star Sports with Cyrus Broacha.

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5. Gaurav Kapur

He is a television presenter who is best known for being the host of the pre-match show of Indian Premier League show named Extra Innings T20. Gaurav was also a part of the web series “Breakfast with Champions” where he interviewed and interacted with many eminent cricketers namely Steve Smith, Michael Holding, Gary Kirsten, Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh and Stephen Flemings. With their presence he also encountered a lot of fame because of with he is still a survivor in this game of IPL anchoring.


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