Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About IPL !

6. Highest Run Scored By Any Player In Any Of The IPL Season.

In IPL 2016 season, the highest number of run was scored by none other than Virat Kholi himself for Royal Challengers Bangalore. He score 947 runs in the seasons, still highest for any player in one season.

7. Fastest Fifty By Any Player In IPL.

This record was earlier with Yusuf Pathan who scored 50 runs in just 15 balls, but, recently K L Rahul broke that record by scoring 50 runs for KXIP in just 14 balls.

8. Fastest Century By Any Player In IPL.

Since we talked about fastest fifty. Let`s have a look at fastest century too. The fastest century was achieved in just 30 balls and player who achieved is my favorite not because of his cricket but his unique dancing style, none other than Chris Gayle.

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9. Team To Win Highest Number of Matches.

Mumbai Indians won highest number of the matches in the complete history of IPL. They won 81 matches with winning percentage of approx. 56%.

10. Player To Have Two Orange Caps.

Well, Chris Gayle again have a record against his name this time for the only player to won Orange Cap twice in the IPL tournaments.

11. Player To Have Two Purple Cap.

Well, we talked about Orange Cap so now let`s see who has two purple cap. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the only bowler to win Purple Cap twice.

12. Team That Played In IPL Finals Most.

Interesting Facts That You Didn't Know About IPL  ipl

Yes, guessed right. Chennai Super Kings is the only team to reach IPL finals for 6 number of times. Highest by any team in the IPL History.

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